Our Plan to Address COVID-19

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At Clearwater Paper (NYSE: CLW), we are a premier private label tissue manufacturer and producer of high-quality paperboard products. We are grounded in our core values of character, collaboration, commitment and communication, and we are driven by purpose – to make important products people use every day.

With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we are focused on two priorities to meet the heightened demand for tissue and paperboard products. For one, we are taking care of our employees by implementing important health and safety measures, including temperature checks, social distancing guidelines, sanitation practices, remote work for those whose jobs allow them to do so, and travel and visitor restrictions. For two, we are continuing our focus to operate our plants safely to respond to the heightened demand across our customer base.

Protecting Our Employees

Our top priority is the health and safety of all our employees.


We are closely monitoring this rapidly evolving situation and taking prudent measures throughout our facilities to protect the health and safety of all our employees and their families.

Risk Mitigation Plan

Our facilities have implemented important health and safety measures including:

  • use of face masks
  • social distancing guidelines
  • temperature checks
  • sanitation practices
  • remote work for those whose jobs allow them to do so
  • visitor and travel restrictions

Following our heightened health and safety measures is vitally important to everyone’s well-being and the continued operation of our assets to service our customers.

Community Support

We have a long history of working with our hometowns to help make our communities stronger. We are currently contributing our products to local police and fire departments, hospitals, social services organizations, and our employees.

Clearwater Paper is Hiring!

We continue to hire machine and warehouse operators as well as engineers, quality leaders, and function support members to help serve our customers during this unprecedented time.

We have the products and we have the drive. Learn more, www.clearwaterpaper.com/careers.