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News, %%TITLE%% .noprint {display: none;} CLEARWATER PAPER TO MANUFACTURE AND DISTRIBUTE CANDESCE PAPERBOARD WITH SMART PLANET’S EARTHCOATING RESINS Feb 03, 2012 Back to top Copyright 2012 Clearwater Paper Corporation NYSE:CLW,Clearwater Paper Corporation
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need right now with Candesce Express. Need product immediately? Look to our Candesce Express, where you can order our most popular grades, calipers, and widths of Ancora and Candesce products for shipment within 24 hours. Candesce Express shows you what's available in our inventory right now and lets you place an order immediately. Candesce Express orders are typically delivered to your door, your Candesce Express order too; either way, Candesce Express orders will be shipped quickly
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in the palm of your hand. With its 100 percent softwood furnish, Candesce Cupstock delivers superior, production of Candesce Cupstock helps ensure that every shipment of Candesce Cupstock is contaminant-free. Manufactured to precise caliper and coatings, Candesce Cupstock provides run-to-run consistency, maximizing predictability and throughput while dramatically reducing downtime. Candesce Cupstock, applications. Get it your way. Candesce Cupstock can be purchased as base stock for your own extrusion
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we make Ancora and Candesce without optical brightening agents (OBAs), your print will look as good, and paperboard waste, saving costs. FSC® and SFI certified. Ancora and Candesce are available, perfection. Candesce C1S offers outstanding printability—and outstanding value. To give you, skin tones. Candesce C1S is available in calipers ranging from 10 pt. to 28 pt. Features
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Stewardship Council). For branding and high-end graphic printing and packaging, Ancora and Candesce,, Ancora and Candesce from Clearwater Paper are ideal choices. To learn more about how our Ancora and Candesce lines can help you provide your customers with high-performing, beautiful, sustainable